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New Post

21 Mar

And I hit the back button and lost everything. So now I’m extra snarky. I’ve been addicted to a new video game and staying up to date on grad school work, and pinning or at least viewing others pins. Mostly on the DIY boards. I find myself yelling at the screen the way others do for sports games.

Let the games begin….


also a good way to smoke your meth and meth is one hella drug

you know all of these people are repinning because they are active and need a new training regime. Their current one is getting boring from doing it every day for last 3 months.

No… no they are not. The people that pinned this are sitting down AND PINNING not exercising.

and … again. Guarantee that image is not of the blogger (I was nice and blacked it out)

How much does a subscription to image accounts cost? And the people repinning? Yea… no.

save a bundle?

The amount of time buying each of those ingredients

And then

Buying the stuff to measure and mix and store the shit healthy ingredients in

And then

Wasting using my precious time mixing the soap

Is too much $$$$$$$$

 And I love tide pods!


Sundays are for relaxing

10 Mar

So I decided I missed basically every birthday since August of last year. Some I kind of missed on purpose, others more of avoiding and still others just shear goofiness.

Today I’m crafting three birthday cards in advance! Sneak at one.

waiting for the ”paint” to dry.


Windows 8 games. Designed…

7 Mar

Windows 8 games. Designed for touch/tablet. Via Xbox games


Windows 8 games must haves (part 1)

7 Mar

This post is about the must haves for the casual gamer. I have been addicted to big fish games since 200? And have purchased hundreds of games. I love time management and puzzle/hidden object games. But I just do not want to load my games on this computer, mostly because I avoid the ”legacy” side. I just cannot get my settings correct over there.

So that takes me to searching though the windows store for games. So far most of the games are sad little games that I probably would have made after my first semester of coding back in 1999. Basic, buggy, and most of all- boring.

So after avoiding those games and avoiding the legacy games (”desktop mode” is displayed under the game title) I finally found amazing games. Amazing interfaces with touch screens. Though one of my most promising was super buggy with touch screen but awesome with non-touch screens.

Unfortunately most of the games below are paid, but they have free trials. And I noticed nearly all are from Microsoft Studios. The plus side with paying for a MS game is that it transfers to your Xbox!

These are all Xbox games…

  1. Monsters love candy
  2. Adera (parts 1, 2, I did not purchase part 3)
  3. 4 elements II, special edition
Non Xbox games…
  1. Chimpact (on sale for $1.50!)
  2. Draw a stickman epic (free and paid versions, mine if free because it is hard!)
I’ll do another post on the brainteasers/time waster games that I love on another date. If anyone wants to see screenshots or walkthroughs, just ask! If you have other suggestions then share!

Baby celebrations

4 Mar

my friend gave birth 10 months ago to her first child and she is beyond Precious.

I was asked to make her champagne glasses as a gift from my sister (her BFF) and so I did.

I used cricut craft room to “sketch” out my design,

I used libby brand glasses,

and I used armor etch cream.

I looked online for hints an how to capture etching details with my camera, but I did not have that much luck.


let me know what you think and any suggestions on capturing glass etch details share! share! Share!


Deciding on which image.

Book from the sosphicated. Cartridge.

playing with placement of details.

instead of using my valuable vinyl for etching,

I use shelf contact paper.

me trying to show layout.


the final product.

the image really didn’t capture the Perfect details. Sometimes I forget to Goop it on! But that is key with etching.

thanks and leave some love.




Ultrasone Edition 10 Limi…

3 Mar

2013 trends

1 Mar

Disclaimer- this is my personal opinion. I do not necessarily agree with these opinions, just this I noticed.

  • Foxes – some bloggers and artists have been desperately trying to promote foxes as the go to animal. Actually foxes, deer, and porcupines
  • Sequins and glitter – all things that sparkle! It started with glittered clothes pins, then somehow someone got the great (insert sarcasm based on rational thought here) idea to put glitter on base of wine glasses, then somehow sequins started showing up- I’ll wait to see how well this works out
  • Cupcake toppers out! Drink stirrers in! This includes the fun use of paper straws. These started coming around en mass late last fall. It will explode this spring
  • Etched everything.
And the over arching theme? Girly, parties, dainty, lovely, not exactly romantic, more like girl time! Jewelry and fabric and feathers and glitter oh my
And I picked out several party dresses already now I need a party to go to.  
This is not sponsored, and my family would freak if they found out I like shopping in here. But this store has done some amazing things to get back into the retail game. Georgina Chapman of Marches for Jcp and for the more funky single party girl Duro Olowu for JCP