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21 Mar

And I hit the back button and lost everything. So now I’m extra snarky. I’ve been addicted to a new video game and staying up to date on grad school work, and pinning or at least viewing others pins. Mostly on the DIY boards. I find myself yelling at the screen the way others do for sports games.

Let the games begin….


also a good way to smoke your meth and meth is one hella drug

you know all of these people are repinning because they are active and need a new training regime. Their current one is getting boring from doing it every day for last 3 months.

No… no they are not. The people that pinned this are sitting down AND PINNING not exercising.

and … again. Guarantee that image is not of the blogger (I was nice and blacked it out)

How much does a subscription to image accounts cost? And the people repinning? Yea… no.

save a bundle?

The amount of time buying each of those ingredients

And then

Buying the stuff to measure and mix and store the shit healthy ingredients in

And then

Wasting using my precious time mixing the soap

Is too much $$$$$$$$

 And I love tide pods!


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