This is the beginning of hopefully a wonderful journey. I have so much in my head and limitations on getting them out!

A little background on me. My name is alicia.

I grew up in Hudson Valley NY. Onion and apple farms, horses and rolling hills. Proximity to NYC and the  Catskills at the same time. Beautiful all year round. I now live in Western PA. I moved here about 6 years ago and never regretted the random decision. Sometimes you just have to make the leap. Oh Boy! I leaped pretty far on that one. I am happy with the little life I have set up, despite major setbacks and minor stumbling.
I am a mathematics teacher by trade. I am an educator by passion. I am on the job hunt. I will probably blog a little about those ups and downs of the hunt. But this blog isn’t about my teaching life. The things I could tell you…

I have always had the crafty, artsy, creative mind. I think it might be my mind runs three times the speed of light. constantly dabbling in everything. My eyes grow when I “see” an object that can be made into something amazing. With the lack of a 9-5 and this horrible (wonderful) thing called pinterest, I see a whole bunch o stuff that I put on my to-do.  There is a huge laundry list of things I want to do, must do, going to do, and done.

I have always loved cooking, baking, and grilling. I lived my single life off of eggs and toast despite that interest. I never liked cooking for one. But now there is more than one and he loves to eat! Originally he cooked and I cleaned. Then life happened (I was laid off, he had to pick up a second job) and the roles switched. Actually I wish they switched. Now I cook and I clean. But I tend to make a big mess. I have been learning to use spices and salt. This might seem an easy idea. I disagree.
That is my mission behind this blog. I would like to share with you the trials and tribulations of my life but with the emphasis on my crafts and cooking with a little bit of my thoughts sprinkled in. This post is already longer than I wanted. Have no fear. There is little to no need for any further post to be this long. I figure it was just a nice way of getting to know a little about me and my motive for this blog.

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