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New Post

27 Feb


So I’ve been gone… duh. For the last few weeks I have been really wanting to come back. So I finally am coming back. Kind of sad but im doing this for myself, as my only reader is my little sister of

So where was I? IN grad school hell. No seriously. I never in my life was in an unhappier ”place” than where ever the heck I was from September to mid January. My winter break was the cumulative shit on the fan.

I could go on and on, but I heard something along the lines of ”we can’t move forward if we’re stuck in the past”. That being said…

My new computer makes it too easy to use and post onto wordpress. So get ready… I have so many past projects I just never got around to posting. I have many pins that I actually don’t ”pin” because its cool, but pin because I am going to use the pin in the future.

I have 4 grad classes this semester and graduating in the end of April with masters degree in Special Education. From there? Possibilities are endless!

And to leave you with a snagged picture from a favorite blog. Though the blog I thought it came from, can’t seem to find then image. If only there was an official pinterest app…




Weekend reading

10 Sep

It is Monday. I am a nervous wreck this week. I was supposed to start my placement this week, but I do not have one. I have homework this week based on my placement. But I do not have one. So as you can tell this is a small problem.

I am in a Master’s degree program which will require me to be in two settings or “placements”  twice a week for the Fall semester and 5x a week during the spring.

So I browse and carouse my internet sites using google reader and have bookmarked the following (if you check out my pinterest page, you can see other items I bookmarked)

Baby on the brain and the most adorable baby book I can think of. 

Because I love small boxes. 

I refuse to give up on this cricut cartridge. 

I bought two cricut digital carts last week during a special. Can’t wait to make this!

I need to find the template (not buy, but find) to make this. 

Found another card/template/sketch party here.

Get creative- yes, even on a Monday AM.

The cutest stamps and a fun bi-monthly sketch party. 

Enjoy browsing. I am now going to spend an hour checking out the links of last week on my reader.




CTRL + D all day, every day

28 Aug

I have a small confession. I am a part of pinterest. I actually have (what I consider) many followers. Not sure why or who. But that is not my confession. My confession is that I very rarely pin, instead I like to save the image or ctrl d (save the webpage in my bookmarks).

I actually do that a lot. If I was to tell you how many bookmarks I think I have, we both would be scared. I know it is well over the 1,000 mark.

So I am going to pin. pin and pin some more.

I notice how many other blogs will post links to stuff they found one day a week. That sounds good. Perhaps I will follow suit.

But if you want to follow (or just browse) my collections on pinterest…

If you want an invitation (kind of a lame attempt at something) just send me a note, I will add you.




Just one hot mess

6 Aug

So my first semester of grad school is officially done and done. Well not officially, I still have to get my grades. I really am kind of fretting those. I never cared much for grades. I do not do much traditional grading anymore myself (teaching special education, remedial mathematics, and literacy has trained me to look more at the whole child as opposed to the right/wrong of mathematics) I feel like I was thrown into the lions den with a gazelle’s suit on with this semester. Literally! I was accepted, enrolled, and began classes within within 4 days (and 2 of them were Saturday and Sunday!). I just did not feel I had any time to get my life ready for such a huge change.

So now I am on break. I have a bunch of appointments and traveling (not for leisure) and catch-up to do. So first up is to sync my phone. I have not done that in months. I broke my camera at a Trace Atkins concert (I know right!) and so everything is done by iPhone. I have an old (3gS) model and hope to upgrade to iPhone 5 this fall. The pictures are iffy and “eh” but I try to spruce them up with apps like LINE camera and the improved Pic Collage.

So I can start re-blogging, showing my projects I have been working on, menu planning, and getting back into feeling of life! At least for 2 weeks until school starts again. I am lucky enough to be able to not work for the next 10 months (I made the intense decision to take out loan as I will be student teaching 5x week during spring and 2x week during fall as well as full schedules of 4 classes each semester) I hope to be more prepared this time round.

That said, I am going to start posting again!

Thanks for understanding.


Back on top

17 Jul

The big top that is!

These last 3.5 weeks have been insane for me. I am the type of person that does not do change well. I also do not do random well either. But in the last 3.5 weeks that has been the theme.

I applied, was accepted, and enrolled into an intensive one-year grad program for Special Education. This all happened in about 2 weeks. I am now half way through my first (of 3) semesters.

In the last 2 weeks, most likely stress related, I managed to contract an intestinal bacteria. I finally gave in and went to the ER and have been on antibodies for about a week now. I finally feel well enough to go back to the gym. A lot has been going on!

During all this time, I still have been creating, cooking, and crafting. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do all of this without having to work full time. Everything falls into place when you least expect it.

Me on my first day of school!

Simp Gimp

24 Jun

I have been practicing with adobe Illustrator (after I lost the war with adobe Photoshop) to create similar effects to the LINE camera app on my phone. It is a slow go process.

My little sister wanted to know how to do the same thing using GIMP. She already had the watermark created, but I can easily explain how to make one if you wish.

I just made this tutorial, saved in PDF format for BEGINNING GIMP users who would like to apply watermarks to their pictures. I am sure there are other ways to do this, and I have been web searching for days finding out how. I kind of just kept playing until I got it down to the simplest and fewest steps.

Set up gimp

I’ve been featured!

14 May

I submitted my Expedit Cleanup to IKEA Hackers!

And now I am featured!

PS This is the only instance where a centered paragraph is okay.