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deadlines suck man

13 Mar

Googly Eyes are the windows to the face

29 Sep

Came across this pin today:

And then found this awesome Walken video (season 33, episode 9)

And will leave it with

oh no she didn’t

11 Sep
instead of
revamping/reupping/upcycling/insert trendy word here
your beat up shoes by
glittering/glueing rhinestones/mod podging/insert something diy here,
just throw them the heck out!
Dear people, don’t buy cheap shoes, and please toss your cheap shoes the second they begin to look crusty.
it’s bad enough they are cheap in the first place but
cheap and crusty is worse.
cheap, crusty, and upcycled is insane.

Weekend reading

10 Sep

It is Monday. I am a nervous wreck this week. I was supposed to start my placement this week, but I do not have one. I have homework this week based on my placement. But I do not have one. So as you can tell this is a small problem.

I am in a Master’s degree program which will require me to be in two settings or “placements”  twice a week for the Fall semester and 5x a week during the spring.

So I browse and carouse my internet sites using google reader and have bookmarked the following (if you check out my pinterest page, you can see other items I bookmarked)

Baby on the brain and the most adorable baby book I can think of. 

Because I love small boxes. 

I refuse to give up on this cricut cartridge. 

I bought two cricut digital carts last week during a special. Can’t wait to make this!

I need to find the template (not buy, but find) to make this. 

Found another card/template/sketch party here.

Get creative- yes, even on a Monday AM.

The cutest stamps and a fun bi-monthly sketch party. 

Enjoy browsing. I am now going to spend an hour checking out the links of last week on my reader.




6-burgh in 7th heaven?

9 Sep

We will see.

I am not what one would call a “number one fan” in fact, I just don’t care enough about any one thing long enough to be a “number one fan” of well… anything

But, but, I am strangely looking forward to this year’s season.

This year is one of major changes for me!

(Oh my “year” starts in September)

I am a criminal

29 Aug

This is a followup to my previous post on being comic sans.

I am a comic sans criminal.

Via toothpaste for dinner

McSweeney’s Internet

29 Aug

I have been busy pinning my weeks of bookmarks away and I was wondering where to pin this little gem.

There is no image. It is simply a wonderful poem.

I’m comic sans, asshole.

by Mike Lacher