2013 trends

1 Mar

Disclaimer- this is my personal opinion. I do not necessarily agree with these opinions, just this I noticed.

  • Foxes – some bloggers and artists have been desperately trying to promote foxes as the go to animal. Actually foxes, deer, and porcupines
  • Sequins and glitter – all things that sparkle! It started with glittered clothes pins, then somehow someone got the great (insert sarcasm based on rational thought here) idea to put glitter on base of wine glasses, then somehow sequins started showing up- I’ll wait to see how well this works out
  • Cupcake toppers out! Drink stirrers in! This includes the fun use of paper straws. These started coming around en mass late last fall. It will explode this spring
  • Etched everything.
And the over arching theme? Girly, parties, dainty, lovely, not exactly romantic, more like girl time! Jewelry and fabric and feathers and glitter oh my
And I picked out several party dresses already now I need a party to go to.  
This is not sponsored, and my family would freak if they found out I like shopping in here. But this store has done some amazing things to get back into the retail game. Georgina Chapman of Marches for Jcp and for the more funky single party girl Duro Olowu for JCP

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