Windows 8 apps must haves (pt 1)

28 Feb

So I have had my windows 8 tablet for about 6 weeks. I went with the dell latitude 10. Loves it! I’ve been using a dell latitude laptop for the last 5 years. What a workhorse!! But I needed something more portable. Hence…

So back to the post.

I’ve installed (and uninstalled) tons of apps and programs in the last 6 weeks.

Three of my daily apps I use are

  • Veen Rss Reader
  • Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging app
One of my biggest concerns within the first week or so was the enormous number or string of saved (pinned) sites on my ie10. I am a visual person so I prefer to scan through my bookmarks pinned pages then use the search feature on the ”charm bar” for revisiting pages. Going back and forth between the pinterst website and the site I want to pin was tedious. Ie10 in metro refuses to allow the pin add-on or any add-ons for that matter.
It took a while to find this app and I lucked out! It was free for the inaugural week. It is less than $3 but so worth it! It makes bookmarking, organizing, and retrieving seamless. I finally figured out how to make screen captures and use step recorder in metro interface so I totally can do a tutorial!
The Veen Rss reader is the best yet. It is free! It has been updated already as they do listen to questions and recommendations on both their Facebook and the windows store page. There are still improvements to be made, such as how to add more blogs to the reader. But this app is the best in the store to replace my Google (online) reader and I’m willing to navigate back to the actual Google reader website to manually add the new sites/feeds.
They are working on that fix! There is a simple option to view only unread posts. Many of the other readers I’ve tried out do not allow that option. There is also a ”mark all” option! Again such necessary and simple ideas but many of the readers on the windows market do not have these features!
I also like how you can change the background to black! I read so much better against black background! Perhaps I’ll make a little tutorial on how easy it is to use this!
The big app- is great but I’m worried. MS is planning on discontinuing those features in general, and so far I think Skype and outlook are the replacements. Outlook is web only- I prefer the mail APP. The people app is a great way to send messages and share links to my Facebook wall! I do have some serious suggestions, but if it will be discontinued in the future, no sense in shouting my suggestions to the universe šŸ˜‰
If anyone wants to see how these apps work in action or wants offer up other suggestions for a reader, bookmarker, and share-er(?) just leave a message!

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