Windows 8 games must haves (part 1)

7 Mar

This post is about the must haves for the casual gamer. I have been addicted to big fish games since 200? And have purchased hundreds of games. I love time management and puzzle/hidden object games. But I just do not want to load my games on this computer, mostly because I avoid the ”legacy” side. I just cannot get my settings correct over there.

So that takes me to searching though the windows store for games. So far most of the games are sad little games that I probably would have made after my first semester of coding back in 1999. Basic, buggy, and most of all- boring.

So after avoiding those games and avoiding the legacy games (”desktop mode” is displayed under the game title) I finally found amazing games. Amazing interfaces with touch screens. Though one of my most promising was super buggy with touch screen but awesome with non-touch screens.

Unfortunately most of the games below are paid, but they have free trials. And I noticed nearly all are from Microsoft Studios. The plus side with paying for a MS game is that it transfers to your Xbox!

These are all Xbox games…

  1. Monsters love candy
  2. Adera (parts 1, 2, I did not purchase part 3)
  3. 4 elements II, special edition
Non Xbox games…
  1. Chimpact (on sale for $1.50!)
  2. Draw a stickman epic (free and paid versions, mine if free because it is hard!)
I’ll do another post on the brainteasers/time waster games that I love on another date. If anyone wants to see screenshots or walkthroughs, just ask! If you have other suggestions then share!

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