Organizing too many cozy things

10 Mar

It has been said that I might be a little nuts, and a whole bunch of OCD. Perhaps. So I’m going to show you three secrets I have to making 200’square fit into 10’squared.

The catch is to buy hanging organizers. We are renters so installing anything is not worthwhile. We are also boarders of all things fuzzy (hats, caps, scarves, and gloves) so this is our little closet in the living room next to the front door. Missing would be the mirror, but we know we look good- no need to swag cheque (French!)  after putting on our hats and coats.


this is a picture repurposing a shoe holder as a hat, glove, scarf holder. Its a bit messy, as some of the items are getting washed right now (weather is beyond perfect today, winter might have been over a few hours after last week’s snow storm!)

The bf caps are in a basket on the floor. I hate caps, really no reason other than to keep his bald head from frying in the sun. But more than 3 is too many! My ”inside” scarfs are neatly tucked in my dresser. I like using this organizer. Because it is not plastic and it fits so much, but you can still see what you have!



This picture is a bit of a mess, and sure I could have cleaned up for you a but more, but I was putting stuff away and thought (for a fleeting moment) that I had too many purses. I have about 4 more larger ones under my bed and about 10 antique purses neatly hidden from people.

Not because I distrust anyone, more like I like to keep my demons hidden (my demons meaning my excessive collections of random stuff)

I think most people use a closet organizer like this one for sweaters, but mine houses purses perfectly. My less used (yes, I only where certain purses in certain seasons) are stuffed with (free) tissue paper from the Ikea packing stations and then wrapped in their silk bags. Others might just be stuffed and others are used so often stuffing or wrapping is pointless. I layer to fit more and again, by seeing everything and by making it all easily accessible, you tend to use the items.

In the little blue bag I tried to blur out is my ”donate bag”. Basically when I come across something I rarely use and it is donate-able, I stick in this bag and once its filled, I walk it down to the thrift shop. My gain, others gain… win-win.

In the milk crate are picture frames. I can’t resist a good sale. I was planning on using one soon for a present. I’ll post that gift soon.

Do you have issues with using the stuff after ”organizing”? Out of sight out of mind- but then what’s the point of having, but not using your awesome stuff????

My only qualm? The organizers were on sale and thusly do not match. But one was bought at Target, the other WalMart, and both still carry that line. So when those go on sale… eventually everything will be matchy.






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