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27 Feb


So I’ve been gone… duh. For the last few weeks I have been really wanting to come back. So I finally am coming back. Kind of sad but im doing this for myself, as my only reader is my little sister of

So where was I? IN grad school hell. No seriously. I never in my life was in an unhappier ”place” than where ever the heck I was from September to mid January. My winter break was the cumulative shit on the fan.

I could go on and on, but I heard something along the lines of ”we can’t move forward if we’re stuck in the past”. That being said…

My new computer makes it too easy to use and post onto wordpress. So get ready… I have so many past projects I just never got around to posting. I have many pins that I actually don’t ”pin” because its cool, but pin because I am going to use the pin in the future.

I have 4 grad classes this semester and graduating in the end of April with masters degree in Special Education. From there? Possibilities are endless!

And to leave you with a snagged picture from a favorite blog. Though the blog I thought it came from, can’t seem to find then image. If only there was an official pinterest app…





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