Weekend reading

10 Sep

It is Monday. I am a nervous wreck this week. I was supposed to start my placement this week, but I do not have one. I have homework this week based on my placement. But I do not have one. So as you can tell this is a small problem.

I am in a Master’s degree program which will require me to be in two settings or “placements”  twice a week for the Fall semester and 5x a week during the spring.

So I browse and carouse my internet sites using google reader and have bookmarked the following (if you check out my pinterest page, you can see other items I bookmarked)

Baby on the brain and the most adorable baby book I can think of. 

Because I love small boxes. 

I refuse to give up on this cricut cartridge. 

I bought two cricut digital carts last week during a special. Can’t wait to make this!

I need to find the template (not buy, but find) to make this. 

Found another card/template/sketch party here.

Get creative- yes, even on a Monday AM.

The cutest stamps and a fun bi-monthly sketch party. 

Enjoy browsing. I am now going to spend an hour checking out the links of last week on my reader.





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