CTRL + D all day, every day

28 Aug

I have a small confession. I am a part of pinterest. I actually have (what I consider) many followers. Not sure why or who. But that is not my confession. My confession is that I very rarely pin, instead I like to save the image or ctrl d (save the webpage in my bookmarks).

I actually do that a lot. If I was to tell you how many bookmarks I think I have, we both would be scared. I know it is well over the 1,000 mark.

So I am going to pin. pin and pin some more.

I notice how many other blogs will post links to stuff they found one day a week. That sounds good. Perhaps I will follow suit.

But if you want to follow (or just browse) my collections on pinterest…

If you want an invitation (kind of a lame attempt at something) just send me a note, I will add you.





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