Argh. Redesigned Cricut Craft Room

27 Aug

So I opened my CCR to make this month’s ~CNS~ Cut N Swap extra special card swap and I was forced to do an update. My computer has been updating for the last 2 weeks. Usually when my computer is running like Grandma’s molasses on a cold day, uphill, I know it is trying to do an adobe update.

I have the full gambit of adobe professional, it is what I get for not submitting my computer to the geeks after the school year to get re-cloned (I knew if it was re-cloned, I would lose my favorite tool- converting everything and anything to PDF)

After completing the update, I was finally able to see what the new and improved features are. And which of my old favorite features are gone.

Super Awesome improvements: first off- it runs so much quicker! It loads quicker, it moves quicker, and so far it only froze once out of the 8 or so times using since the update.

Gone: No more editing the image using Contour. So I guess my fantastic tutorial I recently posted is … well obeselete.

Interface is interesting: I think the push for user friendly layering is strong. The layering is no longer on the left screen menu, but along the top. Think internet TABS or Microsoft RIBBONS.

Old Mat layer tab. Was in the left hand options column

New Mat layering. Now is a ribbon/tab along the top of the mat

You can still change the color of the fill, same way. Just click on the color circle and change. You can still change the name of the layer, same thing- just click and type new name. You can still re-organize the layers, instead of dragging up and down, now you drag left and right.

The other categories on the side panel are still the same (shape, text, color, machine, help)

You can still rename the project just by clicking and retyping in the bottom as before.

Click on the bottom of the screen. Retype new name.

The top menu is still the same. (undo, text, zoom, flip, etc)

The bottom panel (called image drawer) is different. I think there are some parts that are friendlier, and some parts that are not. About 70/30. I would saw the old image drawer was closer to 50/50 with friendliness/egags.

Next post will be a more detailed look at the image drawer. I have to get ready, first day of semester 2. I have a very heavy schedule, I will be doing classroom observations 2/3 days a week until December and evening classes from 4:30-10 4 nights a week. EEK.


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