Modifying images in CCR Part 5: Easily multiply images

9 Aug

At this point I have showed you how to:

Set up layers (part 1)

Isolate images using contour (part 2)

Create new bases using weld and group (part 3)

Make use of a drafting/drawing space (part 4)

In this section, I will show you a simple way to make multiples of images.

Now for our swaps, I always like to make 6 of things. The groups are never more than 5 but I like to have extras for myself or for extra swappers (not in my group but we exchange anyway) or for mistakes!

There are several ways to make multiples.

One way is to use the shape properties tab. And select the number of items you want, and apply.

sometimes this option will change the size of your image. Not sure why.

Another option is to do a fill page. It is nice because you can change the page from a 12×12 (default) to say 8×11.

Sometimes this option has so much space between images, kind of defeats the fill page (I would suggest fill it with as many items as possible with as little negative space as possible!)

Another way, and I referenced this in previous parts is to simply select, copy, paste, and repeat.

Sometimes the images will look as though they did not show up, it is most likely because you are in a different layer than the one you “wanted”. Refer to part 1 and 2 about active layers.

I will now arrange each of my new individual layers, and since I tend to use scraps for the little guys, I am going to arrange them in groups of 6, but placed around my board to I can fit standard scraps (I usually cut my scraps into rectangles before adding them to my scrap pile)

Sometimes the images will go off the mat. So zoom out (CTRL -) and you can see any of the items off the mat.

Also the items off of the mat (on the right) will not cut. You will receive an error message saying not everything was cut. But that is okay because it is your drafting table!

Use the lasso (click and drag) method to bring the bottom images to the top (or in this case the side)

A little more lassoing and I have a nice compact group of 6 fruit slice bottoms.

Notice I used this method for each of my groups. I am showing each of the groups as well. This is a great way to organize your board for cutting!

I would love to have the option to insert a new mat (like in word, insert page break), but that is just not going to happen.

Now I am going to set up my mat for the pineapple drink base. To do that, I will hide everything but the pineapple drink, and repeat the process (select, copy, paste, repeat)

I will use a 12×12 for the pineapple drink base so it makes it a bit easier to group.

This is a great option to the non-existing “add new mat”

Next I will discuss how to cut in one sitting all of your layers!


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