Modifying images in CCR Part 1: Creating layers

9 Aug

Our swap theme this month is LUAU. After posting the theme, we always give an option to partake. They have a couple of days to decide.  I usually give inspiration pulled from the web to get the girls a-thinking. Some are skeptical since they do not have the cricut LUAU lite cart. So I suggested flowers! and Drinks! and so on!

On one image I posted, one swapper said most of the images are pulled from Life’s a Beach, but that the layering is difficult usually you have to make many many cuts in the different colors to get each item. She mentioned the pineapple drink. I do not have this cart, but I love a challenge so I went into CCR and looked at the situation. She was right. There is one image for pineapple drink (think of it as the base layer) and one image for the top layers (straw, fruit, umbrella). So you would have to print out the top layers several times. Yikes!

If there is a particular question you have, let me know and I will check it out. There is usually a simpler way to do things.

Not all of my steps have pictures, especially the standard steps. I do not have a camera so I cannot make a video. (Honestly I am not sure how I would do that while going through the steps at the same time).  IF you need more help or details on a step, just ask!

Without mat layers enabled, your mat would look something like this:

Part 1: Setting up layers

Step 0: Open CCR and create a file

NB Relative dial size should be selected. Mat layers and fill mode should be selected too.

Step 1: To enable mat layers and fill mode, on the options tab (left hand side) select options, then select the CRAFT ROOM tab. Check mark mat layers enable and fill mode enable.

**pay no attention to my numbers

Options, craft room tab, check mark both mat layers enabled and fill mode enabled

Each time you add an image to the mat, a dialog box will pop up asking if you want to add the image to a new layer or to current layer.

Dialog box

To determine which layer you are currently on, notice the above is grayed out on my “blue” layer.

Notice the grayed out layer is the blue. That is the active layer. Your colors will most likely be different from mine.

To change the color of your layers:

Go to mat layers tab, click on the colored circle, select either preset colors or custom color. Apply and done!

That’s it. To change the name of your layers simply click on the pencil symbol, delete the current text and create your own. Caution! it is quite limited to the number of characters.

Learning to layer in CCR was so useful to me. I was upset having too many images on my mat at one time. They were all blank (not filled) and it was just overwhelming. Not to mention the constant reloading of paper just to make 6 cuts of images.

IF you have any deeper questions on setting up layers, please leave a comment.

In the next part, I will show you how to isolate images and lines using the contour button


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