Meal Planning (back from hiatus)

6 Aug

One can only live on Rita’s and Eggs for so long. So I have been finding recipes (and modifying as needed) while on hiatus, but I have not actually “planned” anything. I have 2 weeks off to breathe.

And plan.

So my menu plan is simple for this week (mostly because I am going to NY and the BF will fend for himself!)

Monthly Menu

The recipes I will be using are

  • Pasta Verde
  • I will be using Kale for my greens its in the fridge
  • No pine nuts too expensive and I really dislike them
  • Lemon Walnut Chicken
  • I will be using white onion and onion powder instead of shallots. its in the pantry!
  • I will be using brown rice (with diced tomatoes) because again, its in the pantry!
  • Red Lentil Soup, entree salad, and rest of brown rice
  • Please do not post a picture of your cat above your delicious recipe. Cats + food = gross
  • I get the bourbon salmon from the fish market, ready made!
  • I do not take shortcuts with caramelizing my onions. Some think that caramelizing just means to cook all the way down to a brown shimmer. Not so much. True caramelizing of onions is a process.
  • Lies recipes tell.
  • My go-to. I use European butter, dark molasses and thick butcher’s bacon.

Thanks for stopping by!


The pasta verde was delicious. I did use fresh bunched spinach because it was on sale. I used plump imperfectly perfect farmer’s tomatoes and did not de-seed them. They were juicy but not seedy. Before I added the tomatoes I felt that it was going to be cooking dry- so I splashed some vegetable stock and then added the tomatoes, then added the spinach and then placed the lid to steam it up.

The lemon walnut chicken was okay. I felt it was lacking something. Particularly something green. I am still not sure what I would have added but I know it was missing something. I am going to eat the leftovers and try to figure out what was missing.


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