Happy Birthday Mum

18 Jul

Well not my mom- but the BFs Mum!

This card was made with a little bit too much vino in me so… bear with…

I wanted to use the “Birthday” phrase from “simply sweet”. I used CCR and used a rectangle from the free CCR basics, for my card base. I placed the phrase on the left hand side of the base and then flipped the image. (This is so I could fold the card and the image would be right side up). I felt that the card was not strong enough so I printed out this twice. Once in peach and once in off white.

I taped the inside left cover of the off white cardstock with a dot roller. I added a cut to sized transparency film (remember I am an educator by trade). I then taped again, and placed the peach on top. I taped the right side of the off white cardstock to reinforce the stability of the card.

I then used the same phrase, cut smaller, and placed that inside the card so that you can see it through the front.

The vino was flowing at this point. I wish I made that phrase bigger, because when I closed the card, it felt like it was missing something. (Other than the HAPPY phrase)

So I cut out Happy, using the CCR text box feature and simply sweet font. I placed that on top, but it was hard to figure out the sizing. I spent the next 24 hours basically self-teaching the mat feature in CCR. I now get the sizing down each time!

I added a couple embellishments to pretty it up (and try to diminish the too large window). The flowers were from Recollections (Michaels)

I am not sure why I cut out a random shape to lay the HAPPY on. I think sobarity would have made the card better.

I next time I would have put HAPPY on a rosette. I would have made the window smaller and now that I understand CCR layers I could size it up a little better.


One Response to “Happy Birthday Mum”

  1. crazy3monkeys August 6, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    i wish you would upgrade your camera! lol. looks like such an awesome card!

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