Gluten Free FAIL

24 Jun

I had a recent and quick trip to my home for my gramma’s funeral. My brother has a gluten intolerance. I am very interested in the whole process of baking without gluten. I feel that so much science must go into it to make it and I want to learn more.

I premade a brunch for the morning of the funeral. I made everything but the eggs and bacon the day ahead and packed everything up for the 7 hour trip. I picked a scone recipe and decided to make it gluten free. I looked up every ingredient to check on the tolerance level.

I found out that not all vanilla extracts are gluten free! I ended up using my Mexican vanilla extract which is much stronger than the Madagascar one I tend to use when needing vanilla, but do not want it overwhelming the dish.

Along all of the gluten free recipes using Gluten-Free AP flour, they would include Xanthan gum. I never heard of it and figured… well I don’t think I need it.

I was wrong. Again it goes back to baking is a science. You cannot just substitute and expect equal results. My scones flattened and spread while baking. When they finished baking they held a nice scone-like crust but they were very cake-like. But not a good cake. I hoped the glaze I made would help. IT did not. If I used the not-sure-if-gluten-free Madagascar vanilla the glaze might have been okay. It was just too strong.

It turns out that xanthan gum acts like a binder. Which is what is missing in gluten free products. oops.

So sadly I present these pictures. I am not deterred though. I will try again.

Never open the oven while baking. But I have no oven window.

Post Baking


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