Menu Planning is back!

7 Jun

I am slowly getting my life back into the routine it was before. There are going to be a few changes though šŸ˜‰

I bring to you the next two weeks of my menu planning. I decided to do two weeks, which is against my method of menu planning but mostly because I will be gone this weekend, next weekend, and busy each weekend after that. As always, I began by filling in the dates that have something special going on.

I will be pre-preparing all of the brunch items that I am bringing up from W. PA to NY. My mom’s kitchen is notĀ conduciveĀ to cooking (though better than the gourmet’s kitchen I used a few weeks ago)

I will be making

An overnight buttery streusel coffee cake (starting thursday, bake it friday, glazing it saturday)

Apricot Yogurt Scones (baking friday)

Oatmeal whole wheat and olive oil pancakes which are possibly the best pancakes in the universe (grilling friday, heat up in oven on saturday)

Strawberry-Lime cupcakes (baking tomorrow, making icing today, icing them saturday)

And buying my favorite peppered bacon (oven baking it saturday)

I found a couple of great recipes from the kitchn and dr oz that I will try.

White bean and veggy salad, brought to you by The Kitchn

Sweet potato, kale, and chicken patties with coleslaw, by the Healthy Foodie

Bulgur salad, by Stephanie Lewis, brought to you by Dr. Oz

Lemon Braised chicken and beans with mint pesto, brought to you by The Kitchn

Healthy Bean Enchiladas, by Trish, brought to you by Dr. Oz

Monthly Menu(In PDF)


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    […] but the eggs and bacon the day ahead and packed everything up for the 7 hour trip. I picked a scone recipeĀ and decided to make it gluten free. I looked up every ingredient to check on the tolerance […]

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