Antiquing on a Sunday

28 May

This weekend was the Memorial Day Antique & Flea in Stormville NY. I remember it being much larger, I think there were about 30 food, 100 flea, and probably 100 antique booths. I remember being younger and it being double that. But here are some of the little favorite things I found.

One of my favorite mottos.

One of my favorite ways to pick groups for students…

Large glass with a Long Irish toast. Come, fill your glasses.

Glass beads. I was such a teenager in the mid-90s!

Decanter read “Cocktails” one glass read “me” and other read “you”. Along the glass tray “cocktails for two” repeated. What a fantastic idea!

I checked, this was the first Bush.

Beaded flowers and a pretty purple glass

More beaded flowers

Imagine at some point someone cared about this stuff. And the students were held accountable to maintain their records. Wow! I was told I am not supposed to expect students to come with writing utensils! And they are expected to make a graph! A REAL GRAPH! on the back!

I did not buy a thing. I did get a fantastic sunburn for free though. 🙂

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