Well at least you can reach the light switch now

26 May

Garage. Took 18 hours of simply clearing debris. Now this is a working garage, it houses a bmw, snow blower, pool stuff, etc.

It is more like a car n a half sized garage. During the 18 hours, I threw out a lot of trash, old cans, leaves, you name it! It took close to 9 hours to reach the side door. The light switch is there and so is the plug that family used for pool filter. There was a couch and a mountain bike (hanging from rafters of course) blocking that door. I was wondering why the plug for the pool filter was running across the lawn… they could not reach the plug. I wonder how long that has been. 

That kind of thought saddens me. 

So my plan on the garage was simple. I follow this plan for all types of organizing and cleaning. I start on one corner and work my way around, going up and down. Then repeat. 

Garage plan

I used three plastic bins, clearish, to use as a modified pile. I find instead of piling without a bin, it does not seem contained. I use bins instead of miscellenous boxes because by seeing the linear similarity of the bins, you focus on that same similarity “like with like” when filling the boxes. All Jedi Tricks here.

One bin was for “stuffing”. My mom is a full time ebayer and uses a lot of packaging. She accepts handouts even if she doesn’t want them. So all of the stuffing (plastic wrap, paper, peanuts, air bubbles, egg crates) is everywhere. 

One bin was for “keep”. This bin was for stuff that I think my mom meant to keep, but for some reason it did not get far from her backseat. A nice calphalon pan, 6-pack of root beer,  good cds.

The last bin was for “donate to the cause”. That means I get to flea market/craigslist. The problem with that is that it became painfully clear that was going to get filled instantly. So I decided not to concern myself with anything but tossing broken, old (think 1994), and gross stuff. Then I swept up the funkyness and leaves. This all went into big black trash bags hung up by snow blower.

I made it half-way around. Then I repeated. I replaced the stuffing bin with 3 large plastic bags, one for each type of stuffing. I broke down boxes (flatten them), grouped every usps mailer I found, and grouped more like with like (car oil, cleaners, rags, nylon rope, and dishes.) Oh Lord, the dishes. I found about 5 full settings (including gravy boats, platters, and everything!) 

It took me about 8 hours to get halfway around. That was the side of the garage the car is parked on. 
next I get attacked by the second half of the garage. 


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