Big Welfare Green Pepper Burgers

21 May

So I made burgers yesterday. I am house sitting and get use of a grill. I love grilling. One of my favorite Public Access cooking shows is Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen. I was excited until I opened the grill.

This grill is busted. In every sense of the word. I am sad just posting this picture.

They have a gorgeous back yard with a large pool and two levels of decking. Beautiful. They have an $8,000 stove and a beat the heck up grill! You can get a nice simple grill for $99 (put together courtesy of Walmart). So I made burgers and the BF was watching me. Watching me and wondering what I was doing-


85/15 ground beef
ground pork
bread crumbs

I mixed all the ingredients together and started making into patties. He asked if I was making burgers or meatloafs. I said burgers- meatloafs have no pork and more seasonings. I asked him how does he make burgers. He says that burgers have one ingredient- ground beef. no eggs. Nothing but ground beef.

He asked if i was making house burgers- big welfare green pepper burgers. I didn’t understand what he meant.

Watch this video. You will understand what he meant.


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