Playing in the sand

9 May

No not really. More like playing around with my pictures and picture software to come up with a nice way to post stuff I am interested in. I have an insane Adobe Master Collection with tons of fun stuff I cannot figure out how to use. I also have a cool HP picture suite but it appears to work for printing or saving but not in jpegs.

I am going to be doing a lot of playing around with tutorials on getting awesome posts. If you have any suggestions than Adobe, that I can use to create collages with, let me know. Oh and it should be free- but not free ware. I am afraid of free-ware. Too many virus.

I have been testing out this new free app on my phone. I just wish it was also for my laptop. But I am determined to learn photoshop the same way I learned html and C++

The app I have been addicted to is called LINE camera. It is available for iphone for free, and also for android- but not sure if free. The Android market is very different than itunes.

Below my mom and dad took a picture of themselves. I then used LINE camera to change it up. I then used PICSTITCH to place them side by side. The placement is what I am determined to learn this week via photoshop. Be prepared to see a lot of pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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