Sometimes you need to adjust

7 May

I made this week’s menu plan last week. Something I rarely do. I mentioned in my first menu planning post that I like to sit down and take 30 minutes on a sunday night. But I had extra time last week. One of the reasons I suggest doing it every week is that sometimes we need to make adjustments based on price and availability.

This week’s plan is attached in PDF below. I went through my grocery circulars and though I planned on a nice potato and leek soup to accompany my chicken on Thursday, leeks were just too pricey. I know I wanted a meatless soup (I do not mean vegetarian because I like to use real chicken stocks and broths, I simply mean “no meat” because I am planning on having soup as a side- not as a main)

I tend to use three websites when finding dishes

Each has their pluses and minuses. I will rate each on another post.

I decided to change up and go with Fresh Asparagus Soup from All Recipes. Asparagus bunches were less than $2 at Aldi!

For my “daily fish” I bought two tilapia fillets for $6.99 a pound. Here is the thing for those that are wary of cooking fish. It is so simple- just bread and be done! After breading you can bake or pan fry depending on the meal (or in my case the HEAT in my kitchen). Once you learn to bread, chicken and flakey fish will be your BFF in the menu planning. Plus you save money by breading it yourself!

Schmecipe for breading

dish of dredging (I use a bunch of AP flour and a paper plate.) Dredge your item just to coat

dish of egg (I use 1 white, 1 full egg and a pie dish.) Dip your item and make it nice and goopy.

dish of breading (I always pour more than I think I need. It is easier to do it ahead when your hands are not gross from the first two steps.) Bread your item. Get all 6 faces of it. I tend to lay mine on a drip rack as I finish all of the items.

Dredge, Dip, Bread. Done and Done

This works with panko, bread crumbs, or even left-over crusty bread pulsed through the processer (or knuckle hand grater like I do). Within the breading you can get creative with your mix-ins.

Add some cheese- I do not use the bagged cheese here- it is too big and moist, instead I take out my grater and a nice strong rind you can get near the deli for a great price. (When the rind gets too small to grate, throw into your pot of soup!) Please note, if you are pan frying your cheese will fry in a bad way if you add too much. Just a bit to spruce up the breading.

Change up the spices (Savory Spanish theme? Rosemary, Thyme, Orageno! Zippy Mexican Theme? Chilis, Cilantro, Cinnamon, Cocoa! Italian Theme? Corriander, Nutmeg, Pepper! Some swear by the Salt Trilogy) I tend to do all of my mixing on the side and then add to the breading. I never mix directly in- I feel I cannot smell it correctly to get a good ratio.

Here is a Spice 101 from the Food Network. I actually abridged it on a couple of index cards and taped inside my cabinet.

Don’t forget your freshly ground Salt and Pepper Blend. I actually put a couple passes through in the flour, not the breading. I want it as close to my source as possible.

That being said, here is this week’s menu plan. I will let you know how these worked out. Monthly Menu


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