Summertime cooking in an apartment

4 May

I live in a nice little 2-bedroom apartment. No yard. No deck. No patio. A bunch of windows and wall-to-wall carpet in the kitchen. I find that to be a nice little touch.

It is hot right now in W. PA. Very hot. I do not do heat well. So my kitchen transformed into summertime cooking two days ago.

Summertime cooking? Without outdoor space? How you ask?

It is quite simple. IF it cannot be cooked on the George Foreman, in the rice cooker, or eaten raw, it is not on my menu.

Last night’s dinner consisted of grilled chicken (Foreman), green beans (microwave), and quinoa (rice cooker).

Cooking quinoa in the rice cooker is simple. My rice cooker does not like to use anything less than 2 cups of dry.


Rinse quinoa (I buy mine in bulk. Sometimes the bulk bins @ the groceria scare me. So I rinse!)

2 parts chicken broth, 1 part quinoa (I used ~2 cups broth, ~2 cups water, 2 cups quinoa)

Season to taste (I used my new penzey Ruth Ann’s Muskego Ave Chicken and Fish Seasoning)

Set to steam (I use the brown rice setting. You can stir throughout unlike with rice)

Drain (Always drain your quinoa!)

NB there is serious debate on how to pronounce this little round pellet of versatility. It is pronounced KEEN-wah


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