Swapping out the old

3 May

For those not familiar with swapping- it is using the mail system to share something that generally fits a theme.

There are all kinds of swap groups out there. International, local, domestic. Handmade, homemade, bought.

I was in a cricut paper cut swap. It was through Facebook. The dictator moderator was too much. I figured out early on in my career that those in positions of power who use the autocratic style  FAIL.

So after getting removed rather uneloquently from the group, along with a couple of other group members, I created my own swap. I did a little researching mostly on craftster to come up with my own game plan.

Using FB, I created a private group. This setting allows others to see who is in the group, but not actually the group itself. 

All members can post pictures into the photos section. We are encouraging photos not just of the monthly cuts. But of any cricut projects we are working on

Using the poll maker, we will post a couple of themes. Voting is open on the 10th, closed on the 15th. You get one vote, but can change it. There is a comment section too to “argue it out”

Using the doc section of the group page, I created a couple of documents with guidelines.

-Monthly Themes. This document is where we will post the themes that were decided upon each month. For now it is an empty document with the month listed.

-Groups. This document is where the groups will be listed. On the 25th, the groups listed are good for mailing.

-Swap conditions. This document lists the top 7 questions one might have for the swap. Such as

Who can join | What do you do | Are there any conditions to the cut | What kind of themes are there | Is there a calendar | What if life happens | So how do I get a piece of this

 Well Oiled Machine

From dentedcangreetings.com

When teaching, students desire structure and clear expectations without being talked down to. Adults are no different. By creating a simple, structured system, it will be easy to moderate and figure out. I love calendars.

 If you are in a swap, and it is successful, share some of the hints below. If you are in a swap and it was a bust, share some of the reasons you think below. I would love to hear suggestions and hints. 

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