As Nike Says

2 May

Step Zero: Just Do It

I thought about joining the ranks of bloggers for some time before finally deciding to do it. I knew what I wanted to write about. I even had a name for those things. my first thought was 50million things, but a quick search showed that was taken.

Pause on the blog name. The subsections I wanted were
1) general topics: 50million things
2) cooking topics: a do-rag and an apron
3) craft topics: I am afraid of empty space

My cheer-leading  section selected 3) a do-rag and an apron. It’s versitile, complements me perfectly, and fun!

Now to go through the steps. i can note that I created a website back in the late 1990s using basic html tags. Soon I discovered the virtues of CSS but then I finished college and life happened. I then created a msn space at some point. I am sure it is still over there. The internet is cluttered with outdated waste.

But now for this blog. I started off with how to start a blog. I got as far as deciding that yes, I was willing to host my own blog.

This leads me to my favorite part planning and list making!

  1. Pick a host
  2. Choose a name.
  3. Decide to own or rent.
  4. Select a theme.
  5. Dive right in.
  6. Get published.

I went with wordpress. I noticed a lot of the better blogs I enjoy use wordpress. They have software, tons of tutorials in all formats (video for auditory learners, written for visual learners, and silly tactile learners- just start playing!) and the price was right!

I was impressed by all of their features. I then looked at the premium features.  There were a lot of choices. This is where I would like a multiple-choice test presents me with questions to determine which extra features will work with me.

I chose neuroticdomestic because it was a little easier to type into a browser window than the one my girls picked. Plus do-rag can be spelled as doo-rag, do-rag, du-rag, or bandanna (and any combination without the hyphen). I like to follow the KISS principle. I will still be making full use of “a do rag and an apron” as one of my categories/pages (still have to figure that part out).

I chose to buy my domain name,  I figure it will hold me more accountable when money was involved (get it- accountable…money…accounting- no? I tried). I decided it was worth the extra few dollars to go private. Again, I am a teacher and I am intelligent enough to keep my information private.

Selecting a theme. I know what blogs I like to visit and I know which ones I will never visit other than in google reader. Mostly it has to do with being overwhelmed with ads and stuff. Too much stuff. I chose “Bueno”. I like the simplicity, the font, and how the bottom of each post splits comments/tag vertically instead of horizontally. It is the little things in life.

I decided to keep track of my progress on this whole introduction to blogging in my favorite windows 7 tool- sticky notes. That is where most of this post originated from. I started playing around, watching the videos, getting out my paper pad (it is really just scraps of paper cut into uniform sizes) and my sharpie.

I actually wrote several posts already. They are hiding until I need them. I don’t want to publish 15 posts in one day and then nothing for the next couple. One a day is plenty. Like apples. I decided that I wanted to make everything perfect before unveiling.


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